"I began working with Christina Gaunce around October of 2019. I was struggling with recovering from a 7-year long Eating Disorder. As I began recovery, I quickly realized that I needed the support of a Registered Dietician who was also aware of the nuances of disordered eating patterns. When I found Christina Gaunce, I was thrilled to receive support from a dietician certified in Eating Disorders. From our first phone consultation, I quickly felt her warmth, kindness, and empathy through the phone. Her warmness coupled with her knowledge of food and disordered eating gave me the confidence I needed to move forward and commit to my recovery with her on my team. Christina Gaunce provided space for me to discuss all my fears, anxieties, and nerves around food while also challenging my disordered eating patterns. She supported me through my journey to food freedom and health with utmost empathy. Over 18 months in recovery now, I can truly say she helped me get my life back! I will always appreciate her support and the confidence she held in me, even in the moments I didn't believe in myself."   -J

"I truly enjoyed my experience with Christina. I struggled with anorexia and was in a very scary place. Christina was very welcoming, kind, and understanding. Christina was supportive and gave great advice. I learned many different tools to help me in my recovery. I was at such a low point before starting and I never thought I would be in a place where I'm today. I have a whole new perspective on health, nutrition, and exercise. I've gained love and compassion for myself on this journey with Christina's help. I would gladly recommend her to anyone struggling with an eating disorder. "    -K

"Coming to Christina has absolutely, without a doubt, changed my life. I'm 25, and have been struggling with an eating disorder for YEARS. Despite seeing a therapist, trying to heal on my own, and even being hospitalized at one stage, nothing seemed to be working. I felt hopeless, lost, and like I would be afraid of food and have horrible body image issues forever. That was all before I met Christina. From the outset, she absolutely understood me, what I needed, and how we were going to get there. She takes the time to listen to you, really listen, and figure out how she can best help. Between the weekly sessions and monitoring over the recovery app, Christina is right there with you every step of the way. When you're scared and feel like you're being pushed, she's able to talk it out with you, figure out the root of your fears, and show you the way forward. She'll push you, but gently, and in the best way possible. Eating disorders are a terrible thing to live with, and I thought I would be cursed with one forever. But for the first time in my life, I have hope. Real, legitimate hope that I could finally kick this thing. And I owe it all to Christina. If you're on the fence, don't be. Give her a call. Because it will absolutely change your life, and you'll never look back."    -M

"Working with Christina has probably been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself in my short 31 years of life. Dealing with food and body issues since I was a little kid I never knew that my constant dieting and poor relationship with food could be so harmful to my physical and mental health. I had been prone to constant restrictive dieting and binging for the last 4 years and reached out to Christina for help. She has taught me about balanced eating and I have improved my relationship with food immensely. She taught me about balance and simple strategies to identify what and when your body is really telling you what it needs. I do not feel like I’m “dieting” and feel much more confident and smart about the way I grocery shop, cook, and eat. I have been able to relax in social and family settings where I used to be very stressed and anxious about my food choices in front of others. I know what I have learned I can continue to improve upon and feel comfortable returning to Christina for her expertise if need be."   -B

"I believe it has now been 5/6 months since I finished seeing you, and I wanted to let you know that I am so grateful for your help. I have come such a long way since I last saw you. Intuitive eating has really helped lift all of the guilt I had around eating, helped me fuel for all of my sports properly, and has given me so much energy to be the happy person that I know I am. Breaking these terrible eating habits was not something that I could fix overnight, but the tips you gave me stuck with me. Now, I'm not spending so much time and energy agonizing over what and how much I was eating. I am eating foods I love, and eating consistently balanced meals. And it is making me stronger than I was when I was in my restrictive patterns!"
"I am so glad to have met you. Your compassion and logical approach really helped me learn to start to trust myself around food again. I cannot express enough how freeing it is. I hope you are able to help many other people find this balance in life that you have shown me." -N

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