Nutrition Counseling

It is my goal to provide you with the education, ideas, tools, and experiences needed to make lasting changes to your eating and therefore to your physical and mental health.  


Change takes time, commitment, and creativity.  In order to make sustainable progress, I often recommend meeting weekly for a minimum of one or two months.  


Nutrition Counseling is available only via Telehealth during the pandemic. 


In-Network with Anthem Blue Cross of California


See below for more information on in-network insurance coverage. 


Please schedule an initial assessment with me via phone, email, or online booking if you are still interested in nutrition counseling services once you have discussed your coverage with your insurance. 


Private Pay & Out of Network Services

Getting Started


Initial assessment and personalized recommendations:


This process includes completing an inital online questionnaire about your eating, health, and behavior habits and a 50 minute evaluation and recommendation session.


The 50 minute session will be a conversation and further assessment of your eating and health concerns. As well as, time for the delivery of nutrition and/or recovery education and personalized recommendations.


You will receive typed notes of these recommendations, as well as, supporting documents which may include a typed personalized meal plan and/or typed clear nutrition recommendations with examples.


Cost of Getting Started: $210*


* The cost of these services may be reimsurable by your insurance provider. Please see the FAQ page regarding insurance reimbursement for out-of-pocket costs. 

Continued Support

Follow-up sessions:


Follow-up sessions are 25 minutes and can occur weekly, biweekly, monthly, or as needed. Frequency is based on a variety of factors and is mutually agreed upon. 


Cost of each follow-up Session: $75*


Note: Scheduling regular follow up sessions includes additional monitoring of daily food records or experience journals and regular interaction/support via email or Recovery Record. 



Family, Partner, Friend, or Treatment Provider Consult

I offer consultation sessions for family members, friends, partners, treatment providers who are concerned about  someone experiencing an Eating Disorder and want to learn/understand more.


Cost of one consultation session (25 minutes each): $75

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In Network Services

Do you have Anthem Blue Cross of California or an affliate? 


I am currently an in network provider with Anthem of California. There are a few sub-groups of Anthem Ca that I am not in network with. Please call your member services number to verify my in network status with your plan (see details below).


Each insurance group/plan within the Anthem network has different coverage of Nutrition Counseling (Medical Nutrition Therapy). Please call your member services to verify your plans coverage (see details below). 


Even if your plan does not cover Nutrition Counseling (Medical Nutrition Therapy), if I am an in network provider for you plan, then you will receive discounted rates on my services and your out of pocket cost may contribute towards your annual deductible.


Please contact me for in network rate details. 


If you are covered under this insurance provider or an affiliate, then please verify your insurance coverage of Medical Nutrition Therapy for prevention or for your specific medical diagnosis. You can start this process by calling your insurance and asking the following questions:


1) Is provider with NPI# 1629316021 in my network?

2) Does my plan cover services 97802 & 97803 for prevention (Z71.3) or for (insert your medical condition)?

3) Is telehealth covered?

4) Is there a limit to the number of sessions per year?

5) What is my co-pay for these services?

6) What is the reference number for this call? 


Please schedule an initial assessment with me via phone, email, or online booking if you are still interested in my services once you have discussed coverage with insurance. 


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