Meal Plans for a Balanced Diet

The following meal plans available for download are designed for those who prefer to follow a general healthy and balanced diet that does not eliminate dairy, wheat, eggs, or animal proteins.

Your Meal Plan Download includes:
  • a seven day menu
  • a pre-made grocery shopping list
  • recipes for each menu item (delicious and easy!)


Satisfaction guaranteed: If you are not completely satisfied with your meal plan download, reach out, and receive $50 off an initial nutrition assessment.


The Petite Plan: 1600-1700 Calories per Day

The Balanced Plan: 1800-1900 Calories per Day

The Nourished Plan: 2000-2200 Calories per Day

The Active Plan: 2400 Calories per Day

Disclaimer: These meal plans are not a substitute for medical nutrition therapy. The meal plan may include more or less calories than your body needs. I recommend following your own body's hunger and satiety cues even when trying these meal plans. If you have a hard time identifying or connecting to your hunger & satiety cues, I recommend that you also schedule an initial assessment session with me so that you can receive personalized recommendations.

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