What does a Dietitian do?

I support and guide my clients in the process of finding balance and stability with their eating patterns and food choices. The goal is always to improve physical health and mental wellbeing. 


I often use this famous analogy for nutrition counseling: "Give a man to fish, and you'll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you'll feed him for a lifetime."  Most of us were either not taught how to properly nourish ourselves, or were taught mixed or incorrect messages. I want to teach you how to nourish yourself so that your stress and health problems related to food, body, and weight can melt away.


Investing in nutrition counseling provides the opportunity to develop an authentic relationship with food that is both healthy and sustainable.  


About Me


I decided to pursue a career as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist after my own experience receiving education and support from a Nutritionist.  


At that time, I was struggling with Eating Disorder thoughts, behaviors, and urges. I was so confused by all the conflicting nutrition information; I didn't know what to eat or how to stabilize my eating patterns. 


Talking to someone who understood and knew exactly what to do made all the difference for me.  With education and clear daily steps, I was able to slowly break away from the thought and behavior loops I had been stuck in. 


Many years, a degree, and multiple certifications have passed and I am now able to provide this same support and guidance for my clients.  I feel incredibly grateful to do this work.  Improving health and finding stability with food, body, and mind isn’t fast or easy, but it is possible, liberating, and worth the effort.


I hope to meet you and walk with you on your path to better health.



My practice is LGBTQIA friendly. My pronouns are she/her/hers.


Clients and Colleagues have described me as supportive, trustworthy, knowledgeable, grounded, honest, integrative, safe, funny, open, caring, fun, loving, and wise.


My Credentials and Experience

Degree: Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Foods and Nutrition/Dietetics


Credential: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with the Commission on Dietetic Registration (#1022167)


Certification: Certified Eating Disorder Specialist with the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (this certification takes 2+ years to earn)


Certificates: Certificated Lactation Educator Counselor through University of California San Diego Extension; Certificate in Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management 


Work Experience:  Eating Disorder Treatment Centers (adolescent and adult); College Health Centers; Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Centers (adolescent and adult); Public Health- Nutrition Education for Women, Infants, Children Program; Hospital; Outpatient Health Coaching

Available In Person & Telehealth

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(760) 889-0694




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