Christina Gaunce, RDN, CEDRD Nutrition & Recovery Support
Christina Gaunce, RDN, CEDRDNutrition & Recovery Support    

Over-eating & Weight Concerns

I take a  unique, holistic, effective, and individualized approach to over- eating & weight concerns. my approach includes exploring food/behavior patterns that keep you stuck, uncovering emotions and needs being met with food, and providing nutrition guidance without severe calorie restriction or rigidity.


Diet's don't work long term. At this point, it is unethical for dietitians and health care providers to recommend low calorie diets. It's time to uncover your healthy self and restore your body's metabolism.


By choosing to work with me you know there will be no calorie counting and obsessing your way to 'happiness.'  It will be a journey to health and vitality. 

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