Eating Disorder recovery

Recovering from an Eating Disorder, ED, is no easy feat. those brave enough to challenge their disordered thoughts and behavior patterns need and deserve support and accountability. I can offer support as someone who has both personal and professional success in this area.

 After receiving support and recovering from my own ED, I dedicated my career to helping others recover from EDs. Now, after years of experience and continuing education, I am a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist through IAEDP (the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals).

In sessions, I can support you or your loved one through the process of recovery. Topics of discussion in session may include: food and eating behavior patterns, underlying thoughts and beliefs, emotions related to food, experiences related to food, current nutrition/health beliefs, food preferences, exercise, goals/ambitions, etc.

I can help you or your loved one create balanced nutrition patterns that are free of disordered behavior and findng authentic preferences with eating.  I also assess level of care needs along the way, AND with permission will collaborate with other members of your treatment team. 

Colleagues have described me as 'the perfectly imperfect eating disorder dietitian,' 'brilliant,' 'comprehensive,' 'Trustworthy,' 'a professional who walks the talk,' 'the backbone of eating disorder recovery,' 'a true professional who knows when to challenge clients and knows when to be compassionate.'

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