Adolescent nutrition Support

Adolescence is the perfect time for professional nutrition assessment, education, and intervention since individuals become more independent in many areas of life, including food choices. Nutritionally, it is an important time because nutrient needs are increased due to increased growth rate and changes in body composition associated with puberty. Behaviorally, it is an important time because healthy habits and sound nutrition patterns are also established during adolescence and can play a large role in disease prevention and quality of life. 


For all adolescence but especially young adolescence, I request involvement of parents/guardians and assessment of feeding/eating dynamics at home.



Eating Disorder & Obesity Prevention During Adolesence

if you are concerned about your adolescent's low or High weight, food patterns, and food intake, i can help by professionally assessing and appropriately addressing your concerns with you and your adolescent.

It is common for adolescents to be unhappy and self-conscious about their bodies and research shows that approximately 40-70% of adolescents report a history of dieting. potential adverse effects of adolescents dieting include irritibility, cardiac dysfunction, digestive track disorders, menstrual irregularity, interrupted growth, inadequate bone mass accumulation, and the development of an eating disorder. This is an opportune time for professional nutrition assessment, education, and intervention.


If you believe your child is overweight, food restriction is not the answer and will lead to long term weight issues and disordered eating patterns. I can help by professionally assessing your concerns and intervening in ways that will lead to healthy patterns throughout life.

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