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Nutrition Counseling is a collaborative process that includes providing understanding, education, and behavior change support.


Thought, behavior, and lifestyle changes take time, commitment, and creativity.  In order to make progress, I often recommend meeting weekly for a minimum of one month. 


It is my goal to provide you with the education, tools, and experiences needed to make lasting changes to your physical and mental health. 


See my Services page for more information.


My Story...


I decided to pursue a career as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist after my own experience receiving education and support from a Nutritionist.  


At that time, I was struggling with Eating Disorder thoughts, behaviors, and urges. I remember being so confused by all the conflicting nutrition information; I didn't know what to eat or how to stabilize my eating patterns. 


With education and clear daily steps, I was able to slowly break away from the thought and behavior loops I had been stuck in. Talking to someone who understood and knew exactly what to do made all the difference for me.


Many years, a degree, and multiple certifications have passed and I am now able to provide this same support and guidance for my clients.  I feel incredibly grateful to do this work.  Improving health and finding stability with food, body, and mind isn’t fast or easy, but it is possible, liberating, and worth the effort.


I hope to meet you and walk with you on your path to better health.



Available in San Diego, Ca & Distantly via Telehealth

San Diego Office (Scripps Ranch)

9820 Willow Creek Road, Suite 245 San Diego, Ca 92131

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